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Common Questions
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  Common Questions  
  3. Has the Bible been corrupted?  

My dear friend, if you believe that God sent the Bible and he promised to keep it, then why not believe that God is able to keep his promise? If you say that the Bible has been corrupted, do you infer that man is more powerful than God? This is infidelity. Are you accusing God of not protecting his word? Be careful. Before you believe in this big lie, read the Bible for yourself. Then you can judge for yourself.

Let me ask you another question: When has the Bible been changed? In what year? Which person or persons changed the Bible? And why did they change the Bible? Where is the original Bible? For if we have the original copy, we can determine where it went wrong.

In fact, when Islam came in the seven century, the Bible had already been there for 700 years—throughout the world. How could somebody have collected all the Bible’s copies from all over the world in the seven century, when there was no computer, and change it? Consider the question carefully and logically.

In the Injil Jesus said, ”Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Word will not pass away” (Mathew 24:35). Yes! There are different translations, but they are all compatible with the original Bible. Thank God that the Bible can be translated into any language on the earth, word by word without loosing its power and meaning. Now the Bible has been translated to more than 1800 languages and dialects. It is wonderful and exciting to see that an average person can read the word of God in his own language and understand the message of God—the love of God and his Fatherhood.

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