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Common Questions
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  Common Questions  

Many people ask what the differences and similarities are between Christianity and Islam. Although they are both considered religions, the differences in their fundamental concepts about sin, faith, salvation, Jesus Christ, worship and the bible, are frequently mis-understood.

The following pages contain answers to some of the most common spiritual questions asked by followers of Islam about Christianity, Jesus Christ and the path of salvation.

    Question 1: Are Christians worshipping three Gods?  
    Question 2: What does "Jesus Son of God" mean?  
    Question 3: Has the Bible been corrupted?  
    Question 4: Is it true or false that Jesus was crucified?  
    Question 5: How can we obtain forgiveness for our sins?  
    Question 6: Is there a jihad in Christianity?  
    Question 7: What does the Bible teach about the Trinity  
    Question 8: Does God exist?  
    Question 1  
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